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  1. Epidemiological study to evaluate the prevalence of CKD in Bengal:Prevalance of CKD is increasing abrubtly.The prevalance is reported to be 17.2% in India but we presume it will be much more.To understand exact prevalance, renal parameter screening and risk factor assessment of all individuals are performed in districts of bengal.
  2. Impact of constipation in CKD: CKD patients are prone to constipation because of multiple etiology.We are evaluating the impact of constipation in renal failure.
  3. Impact of nutritional parameters in dialysis ckd patient:Malnutrition is highly prevalent in dialysis population.We are evaluating to understand the impact of malnutrition in hemodialysis patient.
  4. A novel suture based perm cath insertion technique: Perm cath is an alternative permanant access for hemodialysis patent who have failed to develop AV fistula.We have developed a novel perm cath insertion technique to increase the shelf life of the catheters.
  5. Outcome of pre transplant desensitization techniques in denovo and second transplantation: Renal transplant is the rebirth of End Stage Renal Disease patients.To find a suitable compatible donor is a challenge.To increase graft survival in case of unrelate transplantation desensitization procedure is usually followed. We are evaluating the impact of desensitization in denovo and second transplant patients.
  6. Novel anti emetics D008 to reduced nausea and vomiting symptoms in CKD and to improve quality of life.
  7. Stroke in enal failure: CVA is common in advanced renal failure patients, specially in diabetics.We are evaluating the adverse impact of CVA in CKD.