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Care that Heals

As one of the leading Nephrologists in the Country, Dr. Pratim Sengupta’s journey revolves around treating people suffering from kidney diseases. It is his long association with people struggling with kidney problems that led him to take a bigger step, one that would not only help his patients but keep people from succumbing to kidney related maladies in the first place. The Kidney Care Society, dedicated to spreading awareness about kidney diseases and early detection and prevention of the same, is his brain child.

The society was officially formed on 6 th February, 2011. The data related to kidney disease was alarming enough to catch the attention of a noted Nephrologist like Dr. Sengupta. A society which started with the involvement of a handful of people soon started getting attention. Soon more and more people started getting actively involved with the process.

The Kidney Care Society is focused to prevent and arrest the progression of the kidney disease by educating our community and other Stakeholders and addressing management issues by skilled professionals, conducting screening campaign, sharing tips and information for early detection and prevention of kidney disease is our priority.

The Kidney Care Society attempts to address the issue of kidney diseases from various angles. Spreading awareness one vertical, the others are combating kidney diseases with the help of Yoga in our sessions of Mukti, spreading awareness about how to live a healthy and happy life with the help of easy to understand books written by Dr. Sengupta himself, which can be bought from Amazon. There is also a dedicated magazine called Nephron, the first of its kind, to spread awareness about the various aspects of Kidney diseases, innumerable camps are held where screenings are done to arrest kidney disease progression at the initial stages. On site promotions done to spread awareness about the necessity of regular kidney function tests among the common people.

Apart from this a dedicated team regularly works on clinical research to further in- depth understanding about Kidney diseases. Epidemiological and innovative research for kidney disease is integral part of the different activities of the society.

We believe that, activities of The Kidney Care Society will serve as a model for high risk countries to prevent the disease load and to bring good quality care for the kidney patients and in turn progress towards “GOOD RENAL HEALTH FOR ALL”.

We are in a mission to establish a model system meeting all possible standards for renal care. Our Main focus is to bridge the knowledge gap and there by prevent and optimize care of kidney disease patients. We believe in approaching the problem of kidney diseases from all possible angles, through diet, by spreading awareness, through activities. Our intention has always been to arrest progression of the disease and defer Dialysis as far as possible.

Understanding increasing need of more skilled human resource for handling patients with kidney disease, the society has taken lead in targeted areas of human resource and skill development for best possible care kidney disease patients. The Kidney Care Society conducts Dialysis and Dietician training programmes at regular intervals increase the number of skilled professionals, who would join our fight against the spread of Kidney Diseases. We have also started conducting awareness sessions for RMPs ( Rural Medical Practitioners) so that people across Bengal can be protected from the menace of Chronic Kidney Diseases. This model is known as Disease to Ease.