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Safeguard “Good Renal Health”
Only Two-Pronged Approach
PREVENTION It is very important to spread awareness throughout our community as a whole, comprising of common people, primary care physicians, health workers working at different locations. This is a problem which might affect any of us. It is very important that the potential victims and the sufferers are equally aware of the global impact of kidney diseases.
EARLY DETECTION is the only way which can not only save lives from the menace of Kidney diseases but prevent irreversible damage from happening. Aggressive management of the disease should be a priority in arresting progression. Dialysis and transplantation are and should remain last resorts.



“Good Renal Health for All”
Vision of The Kidney Care Society
“The Kidney Care Society” is focused to prevent and arrest the progression of the kidney disease by educating our community and other Stakeholders and addressing management issues by skilled professionals, Conducting screening campaign, sharing tips and information for early detection and prevention of kidney disease is our priority. The society already created a huge impact in relation to tacking kidney disease under leadership of Dr. Pratim Sengupta. Epidemiological and innovative research for kidney disease is integral part of the different activities of the society. Understanding increasing need of more skilled human resource for handling patients with kidney disease, the society has taken lead in targeted areas of human resource and skill development for best possible care kidney disease patients. We believe that, activities of The Kidney Care Society will serve as a model for high risk countries to prevent the disease load and to bring good quality care for the kidney patients and in turn progress towards “GOOD RENAL HEALTH FOR ALL”

Dr. Pratim Sengupta
We are in a mission to establish a model system meeting all possible standards for renal care. Our Main focus is to bridge the knowledge gap and thereby prevent and optimize care of kidney disease patients